WAVES ~ Part 1
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PART 1 - Stereo soothing sounds of surf on wind-swept sands. Relaxing! Restful! Best relaxing waves sounds on the market!

Let the gentle tides wash away your cares of the day to the peaceful, healing ch'i rhythms and lapping motions of ocean waves. Hear seagulls swoop past you. Just like being at the beach. Excellent for Feng Shui, meditations, yoga, and stress reduction.

Let the timeless rhythm of the waves heal and refresh your spirit! No music ~ JUST RELAXING STEREO WAVES to draw you into a restful sleep!

Personally Recorded at Galveston Island. Great for headphones to really bring out the stereo effects! Made for Feng Shui. Wave sounds stimulate Ch'i energy for enjoyment and relaxation. Superb background for any occasion!


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WAVES ~ Part 1

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