HOMAGE ~ Native American Indian Flute - CD Album
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The Native American Indian flute is a very special instrument. In days of old, it was made for love music. Generally played for courting and special tunes, its revival is beginning to have the flavor of a more contemporary sound today.

The native flute has a haunting, soulful sound that penetrates and permeates the world around it, letting its presence be known.

At times, it can imitate the cries of night animals, hooting of an owl, sea gull, or merely the expression of one with a lonely heart that has something to say -- mournful and sad, at times, but full of love, hope, yearning and beauty beyond expression.

Resurrected from the past comes the Native American Indian flute to enhance your meditation--heighten your spiritual sensitivity. So, lean back, relax, and enjoy!

Serene sounds of nature provide harmonious background to the beautiful, traditionally performed solo native flute.


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HOMAGE ~ Native American Indian Flute - CD Album

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