ABYSS ~ Part 1
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PART 1 - Experience the vastness of the universe and Earth in all their glory. Excursion into deep caverns of underground mysteries. Explore the depths of the ocean -- delve into the fathoms of life beneath the seas. Zing into the zodiac among zero gravity . . . cosmic rays, moon dust and constellations. Voyage to distant galaxies and nebulae. Floating. Spatial. Discover the deepness within yourself!

FATHOMS (5:13)

- Deep as in cosmos.
- Deep as in ocean.
- Deep in mystery.
- Deep in thought.
- Deep in wonder.
- Deep inside of me.


Escape to the far reaches of the universe where cosmic boundaries are defined only in terms of time and distance.

ASCENT (2:45)

Take-off from a place unknown to heights uncharted.

PUDDLES (6:22)

Pools of soft, gentle rain bring reflection within.


The partly lighted area surrounding the complete shadow of a body. 

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ABYSS ~ Part 1

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