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 It could be any city or town in the world, but the backdrop to the song is a lonely, rainy night pounding theSixteenth Avenue(music row as it is sometimes called) in the heart of country music:Nashville,Tennessee.

 It has a common theme of abandoned love, appealing to a wide audience, and one that people can identify worldwide with the hurt and pain of a vanished love affair.  Apparently the person which the song is aspired has gone on to possible fame and/or fortune and left the lonely and heart-broken person on the street who gave the other with love and emotional support leading to the ladder of success.

 The person still has feelings for the other person as evidenced by, “Your reflection brightly shines in the window pane,” but is unable to recapture the romance and love once known and felt. The end of the love affair is certain—“Burnin’ bridges, that’s all we’ve left”, with no seemingly possible return, but maybe a glimmer of hope that it might.

 “Walkin’ down 16th Avenue in the rain”.  A very visual hook, and one easily imagined or envisioned.

 The song’s lyrics are a collection of words that form an idea or theme of what the song is about: A lover who has been left behind in someone else’s passion and an untamable wild streak for notoriety, fame and fortune (“But your soul I couldn’t tame.”).   

 The melody presents the listener with an easy, pacing melody and a background harmony and rhythm in the style of traditional western music. It has much room for the genre of C&W with an excellent steady beat with standard chords and the opportunity for improvisation around the simple melody.

This stands to be a very popular hit in not onlyNashville,Tennessee, but also for country and western music lovers throughout the world. The fact that the setting is Nashville does not limit its favorable acceptance world-wide.




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